Chemin Faisant


                                  DOMAINE CHEMIN FAISANT


     Just imagine a little piece of paradise stretching between the Mediterranean caost and the foothills of the Pyrenees…

   …here you are,in the vineyard Domaine Chemin Faisant,on the district of TAUTAVEL.

               The region of Roussillon is a huge amphitheatre surrounded by massifs, shaped by numerous tectonic mouvments.

          The landscape shows the varied geological structure; this physical patchwork creates a terrain that suits and maximises the characteres of every grape varietal.                                    

   The vines are ubiquitous, between garrigue and maquis, in a tortured landscape , with a mineral and savage beauty.

 The vineyard stretches over 12 km, and grows 4 types of the appelation grape varities: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Carignan within the respect of the environment; in the hot and sunny climate, this latest gives our wine its distinctive style.

More than 25000 hours of sun per year, little to no rain during the late portion of the growing season, the variation of temperatures between day and night due to the height, the breezy Tramontane in winter but dry in summer that reduces the effect of parasite desease, the low yield ……..this land is blessed by the Gods!